Who are we

Design For America @ CMU is a group of interdisciplinary students who are using their unique design and engineering perspectives to confront social issues in innovative ways. By collaborating in teams of students with diverse backgrounds and interests, we develop solutions for overarching social problems.

What do we do

Student-led teams work closely with local community organizations to identify challenging social issues. Through the process of ideating, prototyping, and iterating, we design and develop comprehensive solutions that benefit the broader community.

Why do we do it

We believe that CMU students are some of the brightest and most creative makers in the world. Our goal is to channel this passion and ability to attack a variety of social impact problems at the local and national level.

How do I get involved

Contact us to join a team!


Story Trails

a social stories application for young or autistic children in healthcare to help process feelings and understand procedures
Team: Elena, Youna, Sashank

Sentence Mosaics

an iPad teaching tool for children with learning disabilities
Team: Lizzy, Sashank, Ellie, Mehar, Sabrina

Food Waste

a solution to help facilities network with food banks and composting sites to reduce food waste
Team: Isabel, Lizzy, Mehar

Safe Calling

an emergency call-simulating safety app
Team: Minji, Michelle, Mohini


Mehar Sawhney
Lizzy Board
Sashank Gogula
Michelle Sun
Youna Song
Minji Lee
Sabrina Zhai
Elena Deng
Isabel Rozario